Fatum Writing Challenge – March 2022

The Challenge:

The first Wednesday of the month a random character personality was drawn using Fatum cards. The challenge is to write a short story about the character described in the Fatum spread. The story is to be submitted by the last Wednesday of the month. One of the submissions will be selected to be read aloud on stream and posted here.

The Spread:


The Story: “A River Must Flow” by Sora Leoyfaith (Submitted in Discord)

The sun filter through the window of an old home, unassuming in stature and way out in the countryside. Inside gather many young people, waiting attentively after an old man. Despite his many years carved on his form by ages lines and gray hair he has a vivacity about him and his voice speaks firmly.

‘’The river of time is an unrelenting torrent of events; it streams unpredictable water where all are rush along with the flow. Landscape flying by most undiscernible but the greatest features carved by the passion and hatred of the masses. Among the chaos and the wave, we chosen few, children of Alistair, guard the river so it flows stay unconstrained. Gifted with the Key of Lusitania, shining jewels from the lands of dreaded gods, snatched from their envoy of mayhem. All of you here is worthy of such duty, but the key will only take one as master and guide him against the tide moving in the opposite direction of everyone.’’

‘’Master, all of us are only apprentice none of us is initiated even yet.’’

‘’yes yes… that is true, but all of you have the virtue to become great masters yourself and have been selected as such. It takes many to fight the dreaded gods and their plan seed history with chaos and incessant fighting.  but not all duty is the same. Being the bearer of the key is a grave duty, one that can only be liberated from with dead. All members of your order have, is and will aid the bearer even if it doesn’t make sense at the present. For he is the only shield we have against those who want to us wish us harm, and alone surely his shield would shatter leaving us weak and ready for being picked by the envoy. If it is what they want that is. We do not know the of those that tormented us, they come and they go through time sowing discord and mayhem that we know. There are not many of them but they always cause an enormous amount of destruction when they do appear. They call themselves Messenger of the gods, but themselves they are not gods that is for certain, to many of them have we beat for us to believe them immortal. Per sharp even human, they are after all, many things we know before it was invented by the message of the bearer. Still, we must never fall victim to the same vice. Never must we interfere with what people choose for themselves, only the intercept the envoy. It is always tempting, to choose a better future to control things, but by doing so one will lose free will. Even if some of us went back the flow we do not understand how the key and river work at all. Is time one single river or many streams parting and merging we do not know.’’

Many of the pupils appear a bit unsettled; though they know all this already. One a bit more daring than the other ask:

‘’Master, you have still many happy years before you as the bearer of the key, is it not too soon to choose the next one? ‘’

To which all other pupils nodded.

‘’Liam you always have been a sweet boy, you must not let your emotion get the better of you. It been an honor to serve as the bearer for so many years, more than most of your bearers. We meet your dead willingly before we are too weak to serve as a shield, in hope that this will afford humanity a little more time. But it is not me that choice, it is the paradox of your existence, all bearers come to tell they have been chosen once they are to pass, and thus we submit ourselves to fate for others to be free to choose them. I have already done the same, and you just did so yesterday.’’

‘’Now don’t be sad, once it is time you will understand. We have much to talk about, for you have quite a lot to learn. You have quite an adventure ahead of you for you my boys are going back to the very beginning of this cycle to the time of princess Lusitania and her brave knight Alistair. And per sharp with all this you will be the one to end the cycle too and free us from those who torment us.