Aryianna Nightshade

Aryianna Nightshade

“If it is mechanical, I can fix it.”


Name: Aryianna Nightshade

Alias(s): Lilith sas Natel

Date of Birth: 17th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon, 1549, 6th Astral Era

Age: 37 (Appears Mid-20s)
* Note: RL Date 8/24/2020 = 1572 + 12

Race: Hyur/Midlander (1/2 Primal)
* Note: The latter is not public knowledge

Gender: Female

Marital Status:
– Married – Deri Nightshade
– Widowed – Seras Nightshade
– Ex-Fiancé – Eses Fafa

Guardian: Althyk

Citizenship: Limsa Lominsa

Occupations: Metal Worker, Jeweler, Mechanic, Miner, Trader, Appraiser, Artist


Her time in Eorzea has brought her through a multitude of adventures, all of which have culminated in building Cliff’s Edge with her most trusted friends.  Over time her friends and family have taken separate paths.  Cliff’s Edge was scaled back for a time and has now closed.  With her recent learning of possibility that her mother may be alive, she begins a new series of adventures in hopes of finder her.  To that end she founded Rosa Vinentem with her wife, Deri.  The operation focuses on the acquisitions and trade of antiquities and knowledge. While they do accept mercenary jobs as well, it is not something they advertise and they are very selective on the jobs they accept.


Aryianna is tall for a Midlander. She has an athletic build and doesn’t appear to have an onze of fat on her. Her hair is raven-black with red highlights that she maintains to cover up the natural white highlights. Her hair flows to the middle of her back which she prefers to keep down when she’s not working. She has a dragon shaped birthmark on the left side of her face. Her eyes are pale making them appear grey at a distance, but close examination reveals that she has heterochromia; the left eye is pale blue and the right is pale red. She has a maroon colored tattoo under her right eye that gives the impression that the red color of her eye is an illusion. She wears non-prescription glasses to help aide the visual illusion. She has a tribal tattoo on her back that she refuses to discuss. There is a small birthmark on the right side of her chin. She prefers cloth and leather to metal armors. She isn’t a fan of jewelry but will wear it if the function requires it or if it has special meaning to her. She doesn’t like hats or helms, but instead prefers tiaras or nothing at all.

Personality / Behavior

Normally Aryianna is calm. She is straight forward and to the point. When she speaks she doesn’t use contractions. Her voice is normally deep and rarely carries emotional inflection. She has trouble expressing her emotions, but has found it easier to do recently. She is haunted by the fact that she will eventually see everyone she loves grow old and die. She is not comfortable leading, although she seems to be fairly decent at it. She will often do things that have a repetitive and predictable result to relax. Although she does not require sleep, she does sleep routinely because she enjoys it. When she doesn’t sleep, she meditates to relax and recuperate. She does not require food or drink in the traditional sense, but partakes of both because she both enjoys and appreciates it. When it comes to others, she has a tendency to take in strays and has a very strong maternal instinct which will often put her in compromising positions when it comes to protecting her “children”.  Even though she does not like violence, she has no problem calling on her skills to protect those she loves.