Aryianna Nightshade – Sudden Preparation

Aryianna Nightshade – Sudden Preparation

Procrastination wasn’t like her. It had been months and they still hadn’t made the trip to the mechanical giant. Deri never pressed the issue and patiently waited for her to signal it was time to go. But why did she hesitate so?

‘The answers could be best obtained through a different route’

She knew that to be true. She knew the answers would best be learned by going…


She hadn’t thought of Garlemald as anything more than an enemy for years. She was labelled a traitor and hunted by their military. Had countless confrontations with all levels of personnel. Been captured and experimented on… and yet…

‘Go Home’

That was all before the civil war broke out. As long as she didn’t walk into the city baring her signature armor and weapon she would likely be able to move through the city unnoticed.

‘Find her’

She could use any number of light armaments for the trip but she only had one scythe. The one she currently possessed was very recognizable. It would have to be replaced before the trip.


She grabbed several ingots and crystals from storage and headed toward the forge with a sense of urgency. She had work to do.