Aryianna Nightshade – She is Alive?

Aryianna Nightshade – She is Alive?

Aryianna casually walked down the stairs on their residence. As the work area came into view, her eyes scanned it like that of a hawk scanning a field. Deri was connected to several machina by cables connected at her wrist and the back of her neck. Her eyes were closed and she was rubbing her temples. Her expression was that of frustration and annoyance. Seeing her work always made her smile, even if it was only a little, and today was no exception.

Not wanting to disturb Deri, she quietly moved to the display case containing her Garlean armor. She crossed her arms and stared at it, her mind grappling with what to do with the information she had received from the stranger who visited her recently. Her armor was a relic from her past that the duo had spent significant time adjusting, upgrading and adapting. Even still, she avoided wearing it whenever possible. It was a past she had tried very hard to put behind her and putting it on always felt like she was flirting with becoming that person again.

“Ah, hi Ar. Sorry if the power went down, had a fuse blow up but already replaced it.” There was a brief pause as Deri adjusted herself behind her. “Your armor is fully aether locked now with your registry by the way, only responds to you.”

Ary continued staring at the armor. “Thank you.” Her voice was quieter than usual and the accompanying nod was barely perceivable.

“Everything alright, love?” Deri asked as she adjusted herself in her chair.

She could feel Deri’s concerned look on her back. “My mother… may be alive…” Aryianna didn’t realize how conflicted she was until she heard it in her voice.

The chair moved slightly accompanied by sounds of cables hitting the table. “That’s… are you sure? I mean… can you trust the source that is…”

“I… am unsure…” Her voice was laced with pain, “but I have a possible source that could show me for certain.”

Deri’s arms wrapped around her from behind. “I say go for it, but not by yourself.”

Aryianna had been so focused on what the stranger had told her and the implications of it that she didn’t feel Deri move from the chair. The embrace startled her a bit. She looked at the arms around her waste. A smile slowly crept onto her face. “… I will have to visit the Colossus in Dravania. I am not sure it is wise for you to face the lord of the machine with me…”

“I’m sorry, we’ve met before right?” Deri responded playfully. “I’ll pack some necessities. Pays to be prepared! Also promise I won’t try to dismantle anything.”

Aryianna closed her eyes “… Alexander is a primal that controls time… I do not want anything to happen to you … I … would never forgive myself …”

“And you do realize I’d wage war against Alexander if anything happened to you, right?”

Resigned, Aryianna placed her hands over Deri’s. “… of course. I would expect nothing less.”

“I’m not comfortable letting you go alone, so you may venture into its area by yourself while I remain outside if that puts you more at ease…” She pressed the side of her face against Aryianna’s back, “but know that at the first sign of distress I will go for you.”

“… and I love you for that.” She paused for a moment, relaxing a little and enjoying their contact. “How is your research coming along?”

“Keep hitting a dead end… either there’s some kind of code I’m not seeing… wrong crystals… not enough power… or may very well need access to a server in one of the various facilities in Azys Lla.” She dragged a sigh with a hint of concern.

“I believe you will solve it. Is there anything I can do to assist you?”

“First we worry about the trip to Alexander, this can surely wait.”

Aryianna turned to face her and returned the embrace, “So be it.” She leaned down and kissed her on the lips. “We will need to prepare.”

Deri nuzzled her then looked up to her and tilted her head “What will you need? Aside from the usual crystals.”

She considered for a moment. “Me… not much more than that. You will need provisions.” She glanced over her shoulder at the armor. “… I would prefer not to wear that unless I have to. I will bring my daggers.”

“Easy enough then. I’ll pack for ranged support and take my hacking tools just in case.”

Aryianna tightened her embrace “… I love you.”

“Love you move, Ar.” Deri tightened her embrace, “We’ll be alright.”

Aryianna picked her up, looked into her and kissed her again, “mmhmm”

Deri chuckled lightly. She wrapped her arms around Aryianna’s neck and her tail around her waste then returned the kiss.