Aryianna Nightshade – A Stranger Comes

Aryianna Nightshade – A Stranger Comes

Aryianna worked the metal at her newly installed forge. She wasn’t used to working outdoors and was still tuning the new environment to her liking. She was working on the bellows when she felt the presence of someone on the property.

“Miss Nightshade?” The man’s voice was both bold and confident.

“Mrs…” she corrected as she continued fiddling with the pieces of her forge, not bothering to turn around. “Miss Nightshade lives in Ala’Mhigo.”

“Apologies, Mrs. Nightshade. I was hoping you could spare a moment to discuss a opportunity for Cliff’s Edge.”

She paused for a moment then continued fiddling with the various parts of the forge. “Cliff’s Edge closed permanently over a year ago.”

“I see… perhaps then, you, would be interested in the opportunity.”

“I am not currently accepting freelance work.” She said frankly with an air of annoyance. She stopped making adjustments and picked up her forging hammer then started for the door.

“I was of the understanding that the Lady of the Rose wouldn’t turn down a potential job without at least listening to what it was.” She pivoted on her feet and threw the hammer. It soared past the visitor’s head and lodged into the pillar behind him. He didn’t flinch, but he did smile.  “You missed on purpose. Lucky day for me.”

She stared at him for a moment, then touched her ear and activated the linkpearl. “Susan, put on some tea… we have a guest.”

“Yes Ma’am” Susan replied.

She looked at the stranger and motioned to the door. “You have one tea time… make it good…” He nodded in response and walked in. She followed close behind and closed the door.