Aryianna Nightshade – Encounter at the God Mark

Aryianna Nightshade: Encounter at the God Mark

Aryianna took in the view as she approached the god’s mark. Both the Crystal Tower and the ruin of the Argius with the great dragon Midgardsormr wrapped around it were visible from here. The plasmoids that buzzed lazily around the Mark of Thaliak slowly found themselves attracted to her. She always enjoyed their company and this day was no different. She took a deep breath and approached the mark, then knelt as a sign of respect. When she needed to think on a problem, being in the company of the god of knowledge and wisdom seemed an appropriate place to do it. After several moments she rose and folded her arms as she approached the precipice. She allowed herself to be immersed in many issues that she was trying to work out, the most prominent being ‘What was happening to her.’

Her concentration was broken as she sensed the approach of several armed men. Her expression soured, but she did not face them. “Turn around… Go home… No one needs to die here today…” Her voice was commanding, cold and lacking emotion.

She felt one of their number step forward, “Lilith Natel, former Tribunus Angusticlavius of Garlemald, you are under arrest for treason against the Garlean Empire.” His tone was bold and arrogant.

She turned to face the small contingent. “I do not know why you decided to come here… or what makes you believe you can succeed in your endeavor… but I assure you that if you continue down this path you will not be able to walk away.” She mused that to the untrained eye she must look helpless. No weapons. No armor. An easy target for an enterprising young upstart. The poor fool…

The leader commanded, “You will come with us or we will take you by force.”

“You are boring me… you are welcome to try, but if you hurt the plasmoids in the process I will make you suffer for your attempt.” This was her attempt at humor. It obviously missed the mark.

He face flushed as he gritted his teeth. “Seize her!” he yelled. Several of them drew their gun blades. Two soldiers advanced. She just shook her head. As they reached for her arms she swiftly cracked their heads together knocking both soldiers out. “Fire! Kill her!” The guns went off. Shot after shot was fired kicking up a significant amount of dust. “Cease Fire!” When the smoke cleared they could see that not only was she still standing, she appeared to be undamaged.

She glanced down at her ruined outfit, then back to the men who were now visibly shaken. She narrowed her now glowing eyes. Her voice echoed as she spoke, “Fool… you entered into a fight where you did not understand your quarry…” She glared at him. “… and now you will pay…”

He took as step back, “You… you’re…” He never got to finish his thought. She appeared in front of him, her right hand grabbed his throat and she lifted him off the ground and began to squeeze.

“How dare you…” her voice was not longer calm and serene. It was full of primal anger. The necklace she wore started to glow and grew warm on her skin. “I should kill you here and now…” He was grabbing at her hand like a wild animal. She scowled at him and looked into his eyes. Fear… Pure fear… The sight shook her enough to begin to regain her senses. She released him and he fell to the ground gasping for air. She turned her back to them and slowly walked back to the precipice. “Take your commander… and your wounded… and leave…” Her voice was back to normal.

She could hear the soldiers fussing behind her as they helped their comrades. “Why…” The voice of the commander was raspy

“Because… I am not that person any more… now please leave…” She stood still until she felt them leave. When they were gone she curled behind the Mark of Thaliak and cried.

Aryianna Nightshade – Chores in Limsa

Aryianna Nightshade – Chores in Limsa

Her trip to Limsa Lominsa was pretty routine.

She stopped at the Blacksmith Guild to order some raw metal for the forge. Then went to the Arcanist Guild and looked over a few rare books that Thubyrgeim acquired for her. Next, she made a quick stop at the Bismark to order a couple bottles of wine for her personal stock.

After her chores were done she wandered around for a bit. She ended up in the Anchor Yard gazing at the ship below. As she stared a grin started to creep onto her face. It had been a long time since the visited the light house. She removed her clothes, ran and dove off the edge. She hit the water several seconds later in a perfect dive. She surfaced near the ship and swam freestyle swiftly toward the lighthouse.

In the back of her mind it amused her that she would likely get another ticket for swimming naked in city limits.